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Our work is broken down into three main components: the LLN network, LLN workshops and seminars, and our flagship program, the Female Leadership Advancement, Mentoring and Empowerment Series (FLAMES)


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The Network

We have established a digital network by means of our website, Facebook and Twitter pages, forum, and monthly newsletter. We regularly send and post relevant articles and links, pose questions for discussion, and notify our members about upcoming events and various opportunities on offer. We envision establishing a network of official LLN chapters at tertiary institutions across the country, each required to meet certain criteria in order to be officially recognized. We would then provide topics and resources to each chapter’s representatives for meetings on a monthly basis, which would align with the information and discussions available on our digital platform.

Workshop and Seminars

LLN programs are designed to promote servant leadership and social entrepreneurship among college-level women, and focus on the following impact areas:

  • Servant Leadership

One of the main goals of our workshops and seminars is to advance the notion of servant leadership and to cultivate the qualities of servant leaders within our members. For more on servant leadership, click here.

  • Professional Skills Enhancing

To supplement the knowledge and theory many women receive in the classroom, LLN provides practical guidance in areas relating to professional and personal development. This includes, but is not limited to, workshops focusing on written and oral communications skills, understanding of workplace politics, tips and advice on how to effectively utilize available resources, the use of technology and the harnessing of social media, interview and career planning, and resume building.

  • Technical Competence Building

In academic and professional training in Ghana, as in many other countries, women gravitate toward and are generally encouraged to enter certain areas of study. There are significantly fewer women as compared to men in fields such as mathematics, computer science, and engineering. LLN encourages women to consider entering traditionally male-dominated fields, and designs workshops aimed at building technical competence in these areas in order to make women more competitive candidates for career advancement.

  • Confidence Building

Many women in Ghana lack the confidence to get involved in projects, participate in political activism, and take the initiative to better their own circumstances. Many face abusive situations, or have suffered abuse in the past that has undermined their sense of self-worth. Our workshops and seminars provide a congenial environment that encourages women to dream bigger, and to build the confidence necessary to realize those dreams.



The Female Leadership Advancement, Mentoring, & Empowerment Series (FLAMES) is a unique women’s leadership and personal development program that we will implement on a pilot basis for 100 college women over the course of a year beginning in July of 2012. The goal of FLAMES is to train ethical leaders, provide career-planning services, mentorship, and practical skills building, and to encourage social activism in college women. We will evaluate the program after the pilot period and then roll it out over the next 5 years.

Each year we will recruit 10 participants from tertiary institutions in each of Ghana’s 10 regions for a total of 500 FLAMES participants over the first 5 years. We will require each participant to develop a social change project with a tangible benefit to a community in her region to be implemented upon completion of the program. We will encourage FLAMES alumnae to focus their projects on the most vulnerable women of society, and offer assistance and support as they carry out their projects.

During the course of FLAMES, we will partner each beneficiary with three mentors – a FLAMES alumna from the previous year (excluding the first year), a professional woman in the field the beneficiary wishes to enter, and a remote mentor who will communicate with the beneficiary via skype. LLN will provide a specific platform for FLAMES participants and alumnae to access information, share updates, and track each other’s progress. In this way, FLAMES beneficiaries will be engaged in a network of resource and information sharing, mentoring, and support for personal, social, and professional endeavors.


Projects Under Way

  • The Women of Tomorrow: to inspire high school girls to pursue higher education.
  • StandOut: to help professional women advance as leaders in their chosen careers.

Our Work

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