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LLN begins offering professional development seminars for working women

Since its inception in April 2009, Leading Ladies' Network (LLN) has provided training centered on helping women becoming economically independent, politically active and prepared for careers especially in male-dominated fields. In June 2013, LLN launched a new series of  professional development programs designed specifically women in Ghana's corporate sector. The series of seminars are designed to help professional women to acquire the polish, and business protocol knowledge that will help position them as world-class professionals. Many hardworking women are being held back everyday in their professional lives simply due to the manner in which they present themselves. So many smart women with high potential also lose out on promotions or opportunities for advancement simply because they are clueless about the unspoken rules that govern corporate interactions. Some employers who admit they want to promote more women but lack confidence in their ability to handle international clientele or situations involving the management of key clients and stakeholders.Since people learn to treat us based on how we present ourselves, LLN felt the need to design training programs to help address the misrepresentation of women at work. It is our goal to enhance the competitiveness of professional women through these customized seminars. Ultimately, the more African women leaders emerge, the more they can inspire other women and the more they can leverage their own success to improve the circumstances of others.


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